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Morihei Ueshiba    

About the Dojo

Ever since being founded in June 2013 Takeki Dojo has been a valid member Dojo of the Makoto Aikido Kyokai association.

We offer Aikido classes for everyone. We practice Aikido as a working self-defense method which enables people independently of their age, gender or physical shape to defend themselves in dangerous situation outside on the street, without becoming more violent than possible attackers. Therefor our training is based on honesty of the attacks and we teach you how to deal with these types of attacks and violence.

Thanks to multiple years of training experience we stand for the quality in our training. Our goal is to make your martial arts journey as positive as possible. You will learn how to take breakfalls as well as how to deal with empty-handed attacks and how to deal with armed attackers.

The Dojo Name

The name “Takeki” was created in 2013 when the Dojo-Cho, Christian Föller, asked Shihan Larry Reynosa of giving him the honor to pick a fitting name for the Dojo.

Takeki consists of two Japanese words:

竹 The first character “Take” means: bamboo

気 The second character “Ki” translates to: life force, nature energy

The combination of these two characters simply means “The strength of the bamboo”. With this name Shihan Reynosa wanted to express what he connects with his student. That he can bend like bamboo but is also strong and flexible so he won’t brake when he has to bend.

Trial Sessions

Visit us for free trail sessions during our regular training times. Just make sure to contact us beforehand and let us know when you want to participate in the training.

It’s also possible to visit classes and watch the training as well, although for a better experience we recommend you join us on the mat right away. If you want to train with us, all you need are some long gym pants and either a t-shirt or sweater. If possible, make sure to have as little buttons and zippers on your training clothes as possible. Especially beginners when starting to learn how to roll tent to roll on them which can be quite painful. 

We are looking forward seeing you on the mat!


Due to limited mat space the number of participants is currently limited to approx. 20 people. Every SAP employee can participate after signing up at the internal platform.

An optional association membership is possible for the usual annual fee (currently $45 per year), but is not mandatory. However, this is required to receive official graduations.

If there is any interest in this regard, just bring it up after the training.


We are a official registered Member Dojo at the Makoto Aikido Kyokai, Inc. Aikido Association located in Ventura, California, USA.

Takeki Dojo MAK Member Certificate